Developing Your Spirit Life – MP3




Do you struggle with sin-consciousness and a lack of God’s power? Like most believers, you’re probably sowing to the flesh and don’t even know it. Start developing your spirit life today!

Know This (MP3 – 1): Revelation is dangerous. It uncovers new information and challenges old beliefs. As Jesus is unveiled before your very eyes, you can’t help but fall deeper in love with Him!

Done. Finished. Over. (MP3 – 2): Are Christians still subject to the Old Testament law? Can God’s promises be claimed based on performance? You’ll struggle in life until you submit to His righteousness.

Qualified By the Blood (MP3 – 3): Self-righteousness short-circuits God’s power and a double-covenanted man is unstable in all his ways. Understand that you are justified in His sight—then walk in your divine authority!

Confident in the Holy Spirit (MP3 -4): Did you know that the mind of Christ resides in your born-again spirit? It’s true! When
you trust the Spirit above your natural senses and intellect, miracles are no problem.