Do You Know Who You Are? – MP3




What does it mean to be a minister of reconciliation? What privileges and responsibilities does this entail? This series will encourage you in your holy commission.

His Sheep (MP3 – 1): Relationship and rest, purpose and provision, healing and guidance—and so much more! Explore the facets of God’s goodness in this journey through Psalm 23.

Empowered Representative (MP3 – 2): As heaven’s divinely sent messenger, you’ve been given power and authority to proclaim and demonstrate a specific message: “Be reconciled to God!”

Ambassador of Love (MP3 – 3): Jesus didn’t come to condemn, but to save. As His ambassador, it’s your job to accurately represent Him. Remember – you’re speaking for the King!

Citizen of Heaven (MP3 – 4): Did you know that you’re a firstborn citizen of the jubilee commonwealth? It’s true. You’ve been born- again into the most powerful kingdom in the universe!