From Glory To Glory – MP3




Intimacy with God and walking in His power depend on your understanding the difference between the glory of the Old Covenant and the glory of the New.

Release the Power (MP3 – 1): Your belief system determines
what you receive in life. Mixing Old Covenant law with New
Covenant grace short-circuits God’s power. Release the
power—live by grace!

What Jesus Did (MP3 – 2): Are you basing your relationship
with God on what you do or on what Jesus did? It’s time you
recognized whose performance really matters!

God’s Ability (MP3 – 3): Grace is God’s ability working in you
making you able to do what you can’t do on your own. If
Jesus could—so can you!

Let There Be Light! (MP3 – 4): Before God stepped into the
picture, there was darkness, ignorance, disorder, and
confusion. Then Jesus put on dirt and declared, “Let there
be light!”