Knowing God – MP3




You aren’t going to know God completely overnight! It takes a lifetime of being together and sharing experiences to become better acquainted. Is knowing God your highest priority?

A Free Life in God (CD 1): In Galatians, Paul described the Gospel message he received directly from God. Jesus set us free to enjoy intimacy with Him. Life is truly getting to know God!

Tempted to Believe (CD 2): The “problem” isn’t the problem and the “answer” isn’t the answer. Unbelief is your problem and Jesus is your answer!

Interpreting for Jesus (CD 3): Did you know that you’re carrying someone who can raise the dead? Learn how to let God work through you whether you feel anything or not.

Newness of the Spirit (CD 4): The glory of the Old Covenant is the law. The glory of the New Covenant is our righteousness in Christ through faith. Discover the freedom of God’s grace!