Knowing Perfect Love – MP3



Is your Christian life complicated? You’re in religion! God wants you to live simply–receiving and giving His unconditional love!

Trust God (MP3 – 1): Unconditional love is foreign to human beings and our life experience tends to color how we receive it. Therefore, we must believe God’s Word in order to experience—more fully—His perfect love.

See Yourself Loved (MP3 – 2): Do you feel loved and valued, or insignificant and rejected? How you view yourself is either lifting you up or pulling you down. Establish your self-worth on the bedrock of God’s love today!

Stop Performing & Start Living! (MP3 – 3): Are you frustrated striving to live for God? You need to realize that He wants to live through you!

God Is in Love with You! (MP3 – 4): There’s a big difference between trying to love God and knowing that He’s in love with you. If you recognize and receive God’s love fresh every day, you’ll have plenty to share with others!