Life! Live It To It’s Fullest! – MP3




You need to understand how the kingdom works in order to experience God’s abundance. As you learn to cooperate with His ways, you’ll enjoy life to the fullest!

The Seed of God’s Word (MP3 – 1): How is your heart? Are you hard and insensitive or soft and responsive? If you choose to be good ground, God’s Word will take root in your life and bear much good fruit!

Walk a Higher Way (MP3 – 2): The Word thoroughly equips you for every good work. Avoid fables and acknowledge every good thing in you in Christ, and you’ll experience His divine life.

A Living Sacrifice (MP3 – 3): As you renew your mind to what God thinks about you, you’ll discover what a living sacrifice looks like!

Lay Aside Every Weight! (MP3 – 4): Jesus died to give you an intimate relationship with the Father. Cast down everything that prevents you from knowing Him, and become the miracle worker He’s called you to be!