Seated With Christ – MP3




Are you running around fleeing from the devil and chasing the Lord’s blessings? You’ll remain frustrated and exhausted until you recognize your God-given seat.

Your New Identity (MP3 – 1): Discover the importance of your new identity in the Last Adam—the Lord Jesus Christ!

Sit Down! (MP3 – 2): Before you can successfully walk in Him and stand against the wiles of the devil, you must learn to sit down in your heavenly seat!

Jesusized (MP3 – 3): Your born-again spirit was re-created with the very life and nature of Christ. Now that you’re in Him, whatever is in Him is in you!

Anointed! (MP3 – 4): Isaiah 61 applies to you! Expect your mantle to function, boldly confess who you are in Christ, and be the history maker God created you to be!