So… This is Church? – MP3




1st MP3: What kind of church should we be? How
about a full gospel church, born again, filled with
the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, operating in
the gifts by healing the sick, raising the dead and
casting out devils.

2nd MP3: Bonnie teaches that the church of Jesus
Christ is one that boasts in God’s grace for us – that
He is our strength, health, favor, prosperity, wisdom,
hope, salvation, life and glory. . . our inheritance of
abundant life!

3rd MP3: On a fun trip down memory lane, Dave
shares about his life as a young boy growing up on
a farm, then on to college and marrying Bonnie,
raising four daughters, and launching Faith
Ministries almost thirty years ago.

4th MP3: Dave describes the prophetic words he
has received over the years with which he fights the
good fight of faith.

5th MP3: Faith Ministries is a church that believes
that God is positioning us to fulfill our vision and our
dream, and that we’ve got to see in the Spirit what
He has for us.