The Power of Greatness – MP3




Greatness isn’t measured by fame, fortune, or position. It’s your faithfulness to serve and fulfill the will of God for your life. Pursue your divine destiny today!

Pursue Love (MP3 – 1): God wants you to love Him, unbelievers, and the Church. As you diligently seek what He’s called you to do, you’ll find yourself pursuing love!

Focus on the Grapes (MP3 – 2): In your promised land, are you focused on the giants or the grapes? Your perspective determines whether you’ll overcome problems or be overcome.

An Excellent Spirit (MP3 – 3): A positive, adventuresome attitude will enable you to rise from past failures to triumphant victorious living. It’s what you need to succeed in times of great change!

Vision (MP3 – 4): The Lord will give you an idea, plan, or goal that leads to God honoring results. Find out what He wants you to do and then do it with all your might!