The Secret Hidden Treasure – MP3




Solomon’s great riches, honor, and accomplishments remain unsurpassed. How did he do it? With the same wisdom available to you and me today!

The Principal Thing (MP3 – 1): Wisdom gains friendships and produces wealth. When you seek wisdom, you’re seeking God—and He’ll expand your vision. Small keys can unlock huge treasures!

An Understanding Heart (MP3 – 2): God usually calls you to do what you think you can’t do. In order to accomplish the dream He’s placed within your heart, you must walk in wisdom and faith.

Relationships + Time = Success (MP3 – 3): Your God-given purpose requires both people and time. How you treat people and how you view time will determine the level of your success in life. Choose wisely!

Patience Will Pay! (MP3 – 4): Without purpose, life results in frustration, disappointment, and failure. Wisdom is staying on track. If you keep your head and heart moving in the right direction, your feet will follow!