What vs. Who – MP3




Relax in WHO you are because of WHAT He’s done.

What vs. Who! (MP3 – 1): How do you view yourself? Stinkin’ thinkin’ creates an image in your mides about what you are, and that can be destructive. Find out how God sees you and then you’ll know who you really are.

In Christ (MP3 – 2): Dave teaches that before you were born again, you thought about what you were. As a born-again Christian, God sees you as an image of Christ, and that is who you are now.

Revelation Equals Power (MP3 – 3): Receive the revelation of His identity in you. Dave gives you further insight on your identity with Christ as a Spirit-filled Christian.

Walk It Out (MP3 – 4): Being identified with Christ is the unveiling of what you are in Him; how the Father sees us in His Son; “…as He is, so are we in this world.” Learn to walk out of what you are and into who you are!