You’re Loaded! – MP3




God placed everything you need inside you the instant you were born again. The rest of the Christian life is simply learning what you have and how to release it!

Complete in Him (MP3 – 1): Lack makes self the center of every equation. Faith keeps Jesus the center. Don’t let Satan destroy you! Believe the truth—you’re complete in Christ!

Zero Hour (MP3 – 2): God delights to show Himself mighty when you pass through the fiery furnace of a “zero hour.” Your clothes won’t even smell like smoke!

No Sense of Lack (MP3 – 3): Adam and Eve had no sense of lack until they listened to a talking snake. Are you believing his lie? Discover the truth—ignorance is expensive!

Release the Power! (MP3 – 4): When you know who you are and what you have in Christ, you can boldly act like Jesus. Stop being a chicken and release the power!